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Flexo printing service

    Offset and flexographic printing are the main printing technologies used in the packaging industry. Digital printing is mainly associated with short run printing.

   Flexography, abbreviated flexo, is a printing technique using a flexible relief plates. The plates are pressed and applied directly to the substrate. Initially, the print quality was lagging behind the offset printing, but significant progress has been made over the past 20 years. Today, the progress in the production of plates brings quality to the level of offset printing.flexo printing

 Once set, the process is economical and fast.

We are witnessing a very strong trend towards hyperpersonalization and regionalization in the packaging industry. The same product will "wear" a variety of differently designed packaging depending on the season, special promotions, co-branding campaigns. Flexographic printing is an excellent solution for very large works where the sharpness of the rendering is not necessary (as in the poster printing). It is distinguished by its economy, flexibility and high reliability.

  Feel free to contact us to discuss potential cooperation and solutions that we can offer.

   We recommend the 5 colors printing service with water based colorsKese Raco za site 10:

  • Print width up to 530mm ... 4 colors
  • Print width up to 700mm ... 5 colors
  • Print width up to 1020mm ... 5 colors
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